Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is Infinitrex?
A: We are a product design house working on innovative new consumer products like the Umbo Earbud and several new items in the works.

Q: What is the Umbo Earbud?
A: It is an ergonomic earbud for use with Bluetooth headsets and various other devices.

Q: What is the most comfortable earbud available?
A: That would be the New and Improved Umbo Earbud (UEB37A)

Q: What is this Device Adapter included with the New and Improved Umbo Earbud?
A: It is simply a custom made rubber-grommet that lets you adapt the Umbo Earbud onto any device that has a small (4-6mm) Attachment-Port. For example BlueAnt and Emerson headsets require the Device Adapter.

Q: What is the Attachment-Port?
A: This is usually the round plastic part of your device where the sound comes out from. Some might just call it the Speaker or an Ear-Bud Post.

Q: How do I use the Device Adapter?
A: Start by removing any earbuds from your device. Now take the Device Adapter and hold it between your thumb and index finger and feel both sides; you will notice that the inside hole is smaller on one side than on the other. Now push the Device Adapter onto the Attachment-Port of your device with the smaller hole towards your device. You may have to use some force to make the small hole of the Device Adapter attach onto your Attachment-Port. Now simply put the Umbo Earbud over the Device Adapter that you just attached to your device; be sure the inner rib of the Umbo Earbud lines up with the groove of the Device Adapter.

Q: Will it work with my phone?
A: This is an earbud not a headset - this is NOT an electronic device.

Q: Earbud?
A: We call it an Earbud, some people may also call it: Adapter, Bud, Cover, Cushion, Ear Bud, Gel, Plug, Tip

Q: Where do I buy an Umbo Earbud?
A: They are currently available here on our website, on eBay, and on Amazon. Sold worldwide!

Q: How many Umbo Earbuds are included?
A: They are sold individually – sold (1) one at time.

Q: Will the Umbo Earbud fit my headset?
A: It is not a universal fit -  one size fits most headsets.  First of all you need to be able to remove your old earbud and then the Attachment-Port needs to be round or close to round and measure 10-13mm in diameter (4-6mm if using the Device Adapter) But for the most part your answer will likely be a YES; if you feel unsure, check our PRODUCTS page to find the compatibility list or write us a message and we will check for you.

Q: Are different Umbo Earbud sizes available?
A: Yes and no, the original Umbo Earbud was a bit smaller than the New and Improved Umbo Earbud, but we have retired that model. We currently only make and sell the New and Improved Umbo Earbud in one size; it's a one size fits most users solution.

Q: If I use the Umbo Earbud, can I use my headset without the earhoops / earloops?
A: Yes and no, many people have reported comfortably using their headsets without any earhoops / earloops.

Q: I have small ears - will this product work for me?
A: Yes, the Umbo Earbud is tapered and is a perfect fit for small to large ear canals.

Q: What is the best and most comfortable Bluetooth headset?
A: We recommend you buy a headset with a removable earbud, and use it with the New and Improved Umbo Earbud.

Q: Do you offer wholesale quantity sales of the Umbo Earbud?
A: Yes, dealer inquiries are welcome; contact us for quantities of 100 or more.

Q: Why the word Umbo™?
A: The word was found in a medical dictionary and it seemed quite fitting.

     Definition:  A slightly rounded elevation at the center of the eardrum.

Q: What is your return policy?
A: If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you may return it for a refund within 30 days.
Excluding outbound shipping and handling charges and subject to a return authorization.
For a return authorization, email us at

Q: My Umbo Earbud sometimes tips to one side or the other, how do I stabilize it?
A: On some headsets, the Umbo Earbud will not stay in the exact position that you want it.  We have found that by loosely stuffing the inside of the Umbo Earbud, with a very small piece of cotton from a cotton ball or a cotton swab, it helps to prevent the earbud from tipping.

Feel free to submit more questions; we will do our best to post the most frequently asked ones.



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